​AMVETS Commander Project is Service Dogs. Click HERE to read more or see the flyer below.

Military Service Center to host Open House on September 6. Click HERE to read more about it.

There are a number of documents attached to this one item titled Misc August Information. Info included:  A Thank You from the Veterans Home for the funds raised for Past Commander Bill Tuff's Project; A PTSD Awareness Wheeler Run scheduled for Sept 2, 2017; The Vietnam War, a landmark Documentary on PBS in September. Click HERE to read all about these items.

September 15 is National POW Recognition day. Click HERE to review a poster sent the VFW.

Labor Day Veterans Retreat...Click HERE to read more.

​​TSC and VFW join forces. Click HERE for more information


Theodore Roosevelt

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​​​The Orville McLaughlin Cancer Fund is set up to help cancer victims, veterans, and non-veterans.  We like to help cancer victims while they are alive and getting treatment.

The information needed in letter format is as follows:

 Person’s name, address, social security number, and history of the person’s cancer (type. Condition, etc.)

A ND VFW Post Commander or Senior Elected Officer or an Officer of the VFW, Dept. of ND, must endorse and countersign the letter.

Mail this information to:
Steve Volk
Orville McLaughlin Cancer Fund
4201 21st St SE # 201
Mandan, ND 58554-6322 or email:  savolk@bis.midco.net

THE VFW has a Trust Fund for the needy or victims with a health condition other than cancer.  The VFW Trust Fund Committee meets at the same time as the Orville McLaughlin Cancer Fund Committee.  They require the same information as indicated for a cancer fund request.

Mail this information to:

Wally Bolte, VFW Trust Fund
4605 E Roundup Road
Bismarck, ND 58501

The committees meet 2 times a year:  Mid-Winter Conference and State Convention-Grand Cootie Scratch.  The committees also handle special requests outside these time periods.  The committees do conference calls to consider approvals in between meeting twice a year.

PDPRuby Dannenfelzer from Bismarck Post Auxiliary has sent us a PTSD flyer. Click HERE to read the information.

Department of ND VFW Commander
Shaun Shenk

Email: VFWNDCommander@gmail.com  and

​Twitter HANDLE- @VFWNDCommander

Commander Shenk's Special Project is the Service Dogs of America.. Click HERE to read more about it. Or see the flyer below.

Click HERE to read about the Equifax Credit security breach. It could affect all of us. Submitted by ADJ/QM Markey.

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 ​When your Post and/or Auxiliary has information to share; events that you are hosting; pictures to put on the website -  email the information to Janice at jfrojen@drtel.net    -----  just don't expect it to be placed on the website the same day you email her. If it is time sensitive, you could call or text her at 701-388-9800 to let her know ahead of time that it is coming so she can arrange her schedule. Also when you send her information, please label it as an item you want on the website.





Residents in Texas need OUR help. See flyer below on Hurricane Harvey.


CHECK THIS OUT......Medicare Information.....An email from JoAnn Czerwinski, Family Assistance Specialist out of Fargo wants to warn all on Medicare or going on Medicare about possible SCAMS. Click HERE to read more.

Department Roster 2017-18

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